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My Slice of Life Journey Begins March 1, 2020

I have always enjoyed writing, but I struggle with growing my dedication to write everyday. I’ve bought countless books and magazines to tell me the how and the why. I have a collection of notebooks used in attempts to start a daily writing journal with 6-10 pages used in each. Maybe I believed if I had a more creative or inspiring cover I might write more often? Or, maybe it just took me so long to get back to it that I lost it or forgot I even had it. Well, help is on the way. Today I begin the Slice Of Life writing challenge. I am committed to a daily post for the month of March. I’ve taken many stabs at it so I’m really hoping this does the trick.

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7 thoughts on “New Day Every Day

  1. Oh wow, I can so relate. I’ve been working on a cleaning out project and have found DOZENS of notebooks I’ve bought and used 6-10 pages of over the years. Luckily, I also have a shelf of full notebooks from the past 10 years–proof that the habit can eventually click! I find so much inspiration for March slicing in other slicers’ posts, and I keep a file of ideas open on my computer at all times so I never miss a possible nugget!


  2. And you’re off! This is a great way to push and stretch your writing muscles. My advice (10 years in…) don’t edit or filter your post. Just write them and publish. Don’t overthink it. It’s all good! Good luck!


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