I love science fiction and fantasy. Books, movies, comedies, drama, action, future, past, I read and watch it all. I’m even OK with an occasional Zombie Apocalypse. I think I like this genre because when I want entertainment, I want it to be so far from reality I escape my world.

Well, now what do I watch? I say with with humor not drama. I’m concerned but not scared. I’m viewing my place in the world right now with SyFy eyes and the lessons learned. Remember what you’ve been “taught”. You’ve been preparing for this your entire life. Keep cool, keep guarded and don’t leave your bunker unless absolutely necessary.

The reality is that our reality is surreal right now. When we do a wrap up on this saga, we will find the same lessons learned. Some will be lost, some will be saved. Some will keep their wits about them, some will totally loose it in the panic. Some will trust, some will not. Some will tell the truth, some will lie.

In the end, let’s hope we all keep our humanity and let’s not do a sequel.

5 thoughts on “SYFY?!?!

  1. A great synopsis of what is happening and what can happen in the future! I hope our humanity becomes more considerate due to this experience! As far as what to watch? I got two DVD’s of episodes of a BBC/PBS broadcasts from the library and slipped one in to play last night. Not good. So, it’ll be back to Redbox for a movie or two during the week.


  2. I love how you ended your post and how you connected it to the fantasy and SYFY movies and books we all love. I’m also a big fan of dystopian, and boy are we livin’ it now!


  3. I especially like this sentence: “The reality is that our reality is surreal right now.” and the way it wraps reality around itself. Nice writing!


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